The Masters Behind Taste Of Egypt

Paula and Ehab Radwan never intended to be in the restaurant industry. Their fate was sealed when Ehab, originally from Egypt, arrived in Canada and landed a job at a local Lebanese restaurant without much prior cooking experience! It was a year and a half later that they had the dream to open Taste of Egypt and began to serve their authentic cuisine to the community.

Chef Ehab

Two separate visions in mind…

Ehab and Paula decided to open Taste of Egypt with two separate visions in mind.  Ehab wanted to share his culture and cuisine with Canada while Paula wanted to help boost tourism in her city, Saint John, NB. This husband and wife team came together with their separate visions achieving a wonderful dining experience. After only preparing for 2 months, Paula and Ehab decided to open Taste of Egypt. At the beginning it was only the two of them running the restaurant. Ehab led a one man show…including greeting guests, serving, and being the head chef!

Most of the decorations in the dining room are designed with handmade Egyptian furniture and decorations which gives the location a truly exotic and cultural experience. Ehab and Paula take pride in serving fresh and local food everyday. Chef Ehab has mastered many Egyptian recipes and gathers inspiration from his mother’s cooking. Some of the local favourites include the Tandoori Stir fry, Beef Koftas and Pad Thai.  It is clear that Ehab and Paula have found their niche in Saint John, and they love sharing their passion for cooking to locals.

To enjoy their cuisine visit their restaurant or order some on Sankara!

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