Traditions in Ethiopian Food Culture

The culture of food and eating in East Africa differs from much of the world. The example of Ethiopia illustrates this perfectly. Read on to learn about traditions of food and eating in Ethiopia!

A traditional Ethiopian meal of stews, salads and injera, a fermented bread
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International Culture Fest 2019: Fostering Empathy by Sharing Culture

The International Culture Fest on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at TD Station was a wonderful success. Here are some of the highlights and experiences which those who attended were witness to!

Culture Fest was a perfect space to launch our new Grocery Marketplace

Culture Fest featured artisans, performers and food vendors from the far reaches of the world. Food vendors served food from Ghana, Egypt, Cuba, Nigeria and Madagascar. The artisans sold handmade African clothes, Syrian decorative boxes, knit fashion and more. Entertainment included Bollywood Dance Inc., West African dance, Palestinian dance and local Highland Dance. Some generous artists even provided free Henna!

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Thomas Sankara : An Upright Man

Often upon learning of our business and attempting, hesitatingly, to read our name, folks ask “Sankara, what does that mean?”. This article is an attempt to shed light on that very question, to explain the name Sankara and all that it denotes. A name holds a lot of value and purpose, for us at Sankara this is especially true.