Cybele On Celebrating her Identity & Culture

Before arriving to Canada, Cybele grew up near the capital of Dhaka, in the small town of the Narayanganj. She lived in a wholesome community with her mother, sister and father. Her mother was a teacher at an international Canadian school, where Cybele, and her sister Ria both attended. Cybele compares the community that she grew up in similar to Saint John- a wholesome area, family oriented and has a strong community vibe.

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The Masters Behind Taste Of Egypt

Paula and Ehab Radwan never intended to be in the restaurant industry. Their fate was sealed when Ehab, originally from Egypt, arrived in Canada and landed a job at a local Lebanese restaurant without much prior cooking experience! It was a year and a half later that they had the dream to open Taste of Egypt and began to serve their authentic cuisine to the community.

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Chew On This: New Food Truck Partner & Jewish Film Festival

World street fusion cuisine is Chef Sherry’s specialty

New Food Truck on the Block: Salt & Maple

Grab world fusion food on the fly in Fredericton! 

Check out Salt & Maple who have recently opened a food truck serving street cuisine from around the world. Earlier in this Fall Sankara’s catering clients in Fredericton enjoyed Salt & Maple’s falafel, kebab, shish taouk, infused rice and sweet churros. Chef Sherry even uses bio-degradable boxes.

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Salt & Maple

Are you craving new & different foods in Fredericton? Salt & Maple have recently opened a food truck serving items from all over. Each week the contemporary food truck cruises the streets of Fredericton and serves unique cuisines from different regions of the world! Providing a variety of different menu items that are vegan, halal, gluten free, dairy free, & vegan to suit everyones taste!

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Sankara’s catering clients enjoyed Salt & Maple’s falafel, kebab, shish taouk, infused rice and churros. Chef Sherry even uses bio-degradable boxes 🌍 Keep an eye out for Salt & Maple’s items appearing on Sankara Marketplace.

International Culture Fest 2019: Fostering Empathy by Sharing Culture

The International Culture Fest on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at TD Station was a wonderful success. Here are some of the highlights and experiences which those who attended were witness to!

Culture Fest was a perfect space to launch our new Grocery Marketplace

Culture Fest featured artisans, performers and food vendors from the far reaches of the world. Food vendors served food from Ghana, Egypt, Cuba, Nigeria and Madagascar. The artisans sold handmade African clothes, Syrian decorative boxes, knit fashion and more. Entertainment included Bollywood Dance Inc., West African dance, Palestinian dance and local Highland Dance. Some generous artists even provided free Henna!

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Diving in Fork First: On Experiencing New Cuisine

Food experiences across the globe differ tremendously. For example, there are many meals familiar within a typical Canadian or North American food experience which are uncommon in other parts of the world. In the North American food landscape, certain meals compliment certain times of day. Spaghetti sauce bubbling for dinner. PB on toast for breakfast. A freshly made sandwich at lunch. Baked turkey on holidays.

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Missed our Saudi Arabian Pop-Up? Make this Delicious Recipe

The last weekend of September 2018 featured another Sankara Cultural Pop-Up Event: Saudi Arabian Pop-Up Dinner at the FogLit Poetry Jam. Chef Aman provided a bountiful meal and dessert for his guests. We share the recipe in this blog post because no one should be deprived of a good Kabsa.

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Chef Feature: Hia and Mona

Meet Chef Hia! She is one of the Chefs at Middle East Cafe. Hia and her best friend Mona are the two lovely women who run the Middle East Cafe which is located at the YMCA. Since they met in an English class at the YMCA, they have always dreamed of opening a small shop.  They began cooking together and started selling their food out in the community at local markets and pop-ups. The ladies were receiving such great support, so when the YMCA approached Hia & Mona to open a cafe it was a dream come true!

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