Missed our Saudi Arabian Pop-Up? Make this Delicious Recipe

The last weekend of September 2018 featured another Sankara Cultural Pop-Up Event: Saudi Arabian Pop-Up Dinner at the FogLit Poetry Jam. Chef Aman provided a bountiful meal and dessert for his guests. We share the recipe in this blog post because no one should be deprived of a good Kabsa.

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Chef Feature: Hia and Mona

Meet Chef Hia! She is one of the Chefs at Middle East Cafe. Hia and her best friend Mona are the two lovely women who run the Middle East Cafe which is located at the YMCA. Since they met in an English class at the YMCA, they have always dreamed of opening a small shop.  They began cooking together and started selling their food out in the community at local markets and pop-ups. The ladies were receiving such great support, so when the YMCA approached Hia & Mona to open a cafe it was a dream come true!

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Thomas Sankara : An Upright Man

Often upon learning of our business and attempting, hesitatingly, to read our name, folks ask “Sankara, what does that mean?”. This article is an attempt to shed light on that very question, to explain the name Sankara and all that it denotes. A name holds a lot of value and purpose, for us at Sankara this is especially true.

Guest Post: An inside scoop on Sankara’s online multicultural marketplace

Guest Post By: Taylor White

I spoke with Lily Lynch — co-founder of Sankara, to learn all about her business and her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Lynch currently works full time in Saint John, New Brunswick as a paralegal while pursuing her full-time business on the side. Although a very busy woman, working hard is nothing new for her. “I sometimes had up to 3 jobs while studying in university,” says Lynch. Continue Reading