Our Guiding Mission: Building Cross-Cultural Empathy

If you have followed what we’re doing at Sankara for any amount of time you’ve likely noticed how many different countries, traditions and cultures we represent. This immense amount of diversity is only possible because of the dedicated partner vendors who participate by selling their cuisine, crafts and imported grocery items on the Marketplace. Sankara allows anyone to conveniently access authentic cultural services and products by local cultural vendors.

Our co-founder, Lily, with some of our wonderful serving staff at a past event
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Thomas Sankara : An Upright Man

Often upon learning of our business and attempting, hesitatingly, to read our name, folks ask “Sankara, what does that mean?”. This article is an attempt to shed light on that very question, to explain the name Sankara and all that it denotes. A name holds a lot of value and purpose, for us at Sankara this is especially true.